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Officer Sam Watson 



Officer Sam Watson has served as the School Resource Officer assigned to Sturgis Public Schools since 2016. Watson is a certified National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) practitioner, the highest level of training offered for School Resource Officers. Watson also oversees the Safety Town Project, a joint initiative with Sturgis Public Schools to provide elementary age kids with a base understanding of pedestrian safety along fire education, electrical safety and a familiarization with the 911 system. 

School Resource Officer 

New Patch 7 OTL PD_edited.png

The Sturgis Department of Public Safety School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned fulltime to Sturgis Public Schools. During the school year the SRO spends time in every school building assisting school staff as needed. A large part of the SRO's daily duties include building relationships with the students of Sturgis Public Schools and offering assistance in a variety of areas. 

During the summer the SRO is responsible for running several student safety camps at Safety Town. These camps are aimed at incoming kindergartners and teach the basics of pedestrian safety, along with a look inside all the ways police and fire staff are available to help them. More information on Safety Town can be found by following the link below. 

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