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Community Education


CPR/First Aid

Early chest compressions and early defibrillation can save lives. 

For workplaces, schools, community organizations, babysitters, parents, or anyone wanting to learn life saving techniques. 

Class Includes- CPR and AED training and certification card

Call SFD to set up a class for or join a scheduled class.

Youth Education 

Fire safety education for preschool- 2nd grade

Through age appropriate teaching, kids learn what to do in the event of a fire in their home, how to call for help, and get to safety.


With  a demonstration and explanation of a firefighter putting on all their gear, kids learn to recognize firefighters are there to help.

Class Includes: fire safety presentation and materials

Contact SFD for more information.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Be prepared in an emergency


For workplaces, schools, community organizations, etc.

Class includes a short demonstration and training with fire extinguishers and real fire.


Call SFD to set up a class or for more information. 

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